Why is Automation Critical to Your Marketing Strategy?

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Why is Automation Critical to Your Marketing Strategy?

The short answer to that is this: Most businesses and business owners are inundated, and therefore consistency is easily lost when managing ongoing communications with clients and prospects.

Automation is not a fad in the world of online marketing. It is a critical business development tool and is designed to facilitate intelligent, on-going communications with prospects and clients for the purposes of

  • Lead nurturing – so that conversion rates are optimised for both ‘now buyers’ and ‘future buyers’.
  • Optimisation of the after-sales process – to maximise retention and drive incremental revenue through up-selling/cross-selling or referrals.


Core Elements of Automation

  1. Marketing Database: A centralised platform for all prospect and customer data.
  2. Workflow Automation: It supports the ability to provide the content at the right time.
  • Follow-up can be trigger based, e.g. a prospect responding to a call to action, or it can follow events, such as a number of days after attending a seminar or downloading a piece of content.
  1. Email Distribution: So online marketing communication activities can be executed by one system.
  2. Gathering Preferences: Incorporates methods to capture valuable insights about prospects and customers. This insight can then be used to segment them based on preferences or specific areas of interest.  The goal is to engage in 1:1 marketing.
  3. Analytics: Allowing businesses to track and test things like email open rates, click-throughs to landing pages, how many times people have clicked on a certain link, bounce rates and referral source activity such as links from social media.

Automation has become so widespread and easy to use, because of its commonality.  However, it has also become harder to differentiate yourself and really leverage these strategies in a way that makes your business stand out.


Personalise your content

Personalisation of content and communications has evolved from just using a person’s name to tailoring the content of your email newsletter to the specific individual involved. This includes tailored calls to action.  The fact remains that personalised emails have six times more revenue rate and traction than non-personalised emails, which makes it well worth a try.

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Watch a video here about mastering and delivering customised, personalised content.

How to leverage your marketing automation

If you are a small business, there are a number of benefits to implementing an automation strategy in your marketing plan.

These include:

  • Sales support. Aligning sales and marketing is crucial for success.  However, we very often treat them as separate and this is one area where many businesses fall down. Marketing automation makes it easier to combine them both and allow your marketing to support your sales people so they can build on each other.
  • Content. Automation is a great way to gain insight into what content gets the best traction and give you an idea what type of content to produce going forward.
  • Analytics. Marketing automation gives you data and insight into your customers’ behaviours, actions and activities. You learn more about your customers and target your future marketing efforts accordingly.

If you want to start down the wonderful road of automation, you will need to start by systemising the strategy, and mapping out sequences and customer journeys so you have them clear in your mind before you start creating content or automated sequences…

…but that’s another article!

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